Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Halloween Happenings...

My mother tortured me as a child.
She drug me to haunted houses that I had begged for weeks to go to and then when I chickened out she drug me through them, laughing all the way.
I will never forget walking through one that used to be in Cedar Bluff.
Everyone was instructed to put your hands on the shoulders of the person in front of you.
Mom's grip grew tighter as we walked past a woman laying in a casket.
A picture of her family hung over her head.
As we crossed in front of her, she jumped up and screamed,
"Where are my children!? Has anyone seen my children?!"
Without missing a beat, Mom slung me at the woman and said,
"I don't know where yours are, but you can have mine!"
I couldn't get out of there fast enough.
Since then, I have loved haunted houses.
On our third date, Adam and I went to Ripley's Haunted Adventure.
At the time I didn't know that Adam doesn't do haunted houses.
I actually drug him to quite a few before he told me he really hates them.
Now, I need a new Haunted House enthusiast.
This happens to be the last year of the Haunted Caves. 
Anyone interested?
If not, poor Adam will be drug through it one last time :(

And, on a similar note, we are looking for somewhere to take the kids trick or treating.
We went to West Town last year and were very pleasantly surprised with the Halloween Fun.
We would like to be indoors, but will consider anything as long as we aren't walking in the street.
Anyone have any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Highly reccomend Gatlinburg for Halloween night. The whole city is filled with thousands of kids going shop to shop. By far the best experience anywhere for kids.

Crazy Twin Mommy said...

Jason wanted to go to the haunted caves--he said they were closing it or something--I 'm not sure I wasn't really ya'll end up going?