Sunday, September 7, 2008

Who Does This Remind You Of?

While helping with some rennovations at Mom and Dads, Adam came across an old picture frame. He glanced at it before doing a double take. This is truely unbelievable! For the most part, Caleb looks like his Daddy. When I can get my hands on a few pictures from Phyllis I will post those comparisons!
Myself in a swing
Caleb in a Swing (3 Months) Myself (6 Months)
Georgia Kate (6 Months)
Myself in Daddy's Boots
Caleb in Daddy's Boots Me in a swingCaleb in a swingMe SleepingGeorgia Kate sleepingDad riding me on the lawn mowerAdam riding Caleb on the 4 wheelerAnd these are just neat!
This is (left to right) My Grandfather (Mom's Dad), My Mom, My Great Grandmother and MeMy Grandmother (Dad's Mom), Me, My Great Grandfather and My Dad Justin, My Great Grandmother, Shawn and myself. This is the Great Grandmother Georgia Kate is named after!

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