Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Musings Of Caleb

I was mopping the floor when Caleb came running from his room.
"Don't come in here it's wet," I said.

My warnings were ignored. His feet hit the wet linoleum a slid halfway across the room. He had managed to stay upright, but was quite surprised.

I helped him find his way to a spot to sit and explained that the floor was wet and he would need to wait until it dried to get up.

I turned around and a few seconds later I hear his feet pattering across the floor followed by a thud. He looked puzzled.
"Are you okay? Remember, I told you the floor was wet, we need to be very careful!"

His eyes light up as if he has been hit by a pure stroke of genius.

"Mommy, I need a boat"
I sat on the couch today to go through some cookbooks looking for something for dinner. Caleb popped up on the couch beside me, pulled a pair of suglasses out of his shirt and started to read.

Upside down, of course...

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