Friday, September 12, 2008

Fashion Flub Friday!!!

The kids and I tryed to beat the heat and avoid the "gas shortage" by spending some time outside. Caleb has really gotten into coloring lately so I thought he might enjoy finger painting. To the untrained eye, this might seem like a sweet picture of a brother attempting to share. In fact, she picked up the plate and he is taking it away while screaming, "NO! Mines!"Georgia Kate really enjoyed finger painting! Who says paint is only for toes?We cleaned off by playing with the water hose.

Caleb also helped me gut a pumpkin for Papaw Jack's Pie!
I didn't catch a lot of Flubs this week.
Caleb is getting better at color coordinating! Now, if he could only put them on right side up!Elton John has nothing on Caleb!Georgia Kate decided she wasn't going to wait for me to put her in her chair...
Surely this option will be quicker :) Caleb Talking a couple of months ago... Sorry it's so dark...
Caleb talking today!

Check back tomorrow for my blog on the "gas crisis!"

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