Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy 4th birthday Abby!

Abby had a birthday this week. She is now a great big 4 year old!
Happy Birthday Abby!

Notice the carefully applied pink glitter eyeshadow!

Aunt Corien and Georgia Kate
Caleb played in Georgia Kate's exersaucer. It is folded down so he couldn't break it :)
Georgia Kate really enjoyed her new jammies! Thanks Mami!
Caleb drawing on the sidewalk at Nannah and Papaws!
One of his very talented creations :) It is a truck!
Fashion Flub Friday!!!
Caleb found this shirt and insisted on wearing it. He put it on all by himself!
Notice the highly fashionable crocs (at least they are on the right feet)! He also gave himself this beautiful tattoo! Thank goodness it was bath night! Remember...
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The Iverson's said...

Kaitee is sporting a very great leg tattoo herself right now! I swear she can find any pen anyone ever lost!