Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sweet Days, Sweet Dreams

Last weekend, Adam and I got to sneak away while Mom and Dad kept Caleb. We went to Marble Slab and got some ice cream. Georgia Kate was pretty persistent about not missing out on the fun. She really enjoyed a bite of Daddy's ice cream.Since I had to turn all the door knobs around to prevent any further lock ins, they no longer latch the way they should. I put Caleb down for a nap and went to load the dishwasher. I heard him open his door and I told him to get back in bed. I heard the door close. I assumed he went back to bed and finished the dishes. I went to grab the next pile of laundry when I found Caleb asleep in MY bed. Such a good boy when he is sleeping...
I would also like to thank Kristen for helping me find my cell phone yesterday. I had searched everywhere I could possibly think of before giving in and finding someone to call it. I didn't find it in time to thank her before it went to voicemail because Caleb had stuck it inside a pair of socks that I had folded and put in a basket. At least he didn't flush it :)

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