Friday, September 26, 2008

Hairy Situation

Because I couldn't stand Caleb's last hair cut, Adam promised me that he would not say anything about getting it cut again. I could get it cut on my terms. He did really well for a while. But, now it is quite long and does get a little einstein-ish and Adam asks on a daily basis when I am going to get it cut. So today, against my better judgement and with much trepidation, we went for a hair cut.
"Caleb, lets go get a hair cut! You are going to be good for Mommy, right?" I said pulling him out of the car.
"Mmm hmmm"
We walk inside and his hand flinches, his grip growing tighter. We signed in and sat on the waiting bench. Not even a minute later, we were ready. Caleb's feet anxiously walked toward the chair with the gigantic cushion. He hit the floor. Screaming. Lots of screaming. He did not want a hair cut.
Being the wonderful mother that I am, I picked him up with one arm and placed him in the chair. He flung himself out, head first. I managed to catch him by the arm while the woman who was supposed to be cutting his hair caught his leg. He was still screaming. Other customers are laughing.
I decide to give up, feeling a little defeated.
Heading to the door, he spots a basket of Dum Dums.
"You can have a sucker, but you have to sit in the chair."
He ran to the waiting area and sat down.
I grabbed a sucker and stood by the stylist's chair. He came close but would not step on the rubber mat under the chair. When I pulled him a little closer, he went into fit mode again.
Very defeated, we walked out, Caleb still sobbing.
"Goodbye!" everyone inside said.
As if nothing had happened, Caleb's sobbing stopped he turned to them with a huge smile and said
"Bye Bye!"
I could hear them laughing as I loaded him into the car.

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