Thursday, February 5, 2009

Toe The Line

While Adam was slaving away on the US border, Caleb and I were lucky enough to get to live in Arizona with him.
One afternoon, he came home limping.
"I was cutting a pipe and it fell on my toe," he said.
Being the sweetheart that I am, I think I said something like, "Suck it up trainee. It is just a toe!"
He was completely unimpressed with my outpouring of sympathy.

Later, I got a second to take a look at it.
I felt so bad. It looked terrible.
Further inspection of his boot, reavealed a circle where to hot pipe had melded to his shoe.

I couldn't back out on my "tough love" so I just left things the way they were.
And believe me, Adam never forgot it.

Yesterday, as I stumbled out of bed, I tripped over our computer chair.
My toes were throbbing as Adam helped me off of the floor.
I could see him fighting back a smirk.
He wanted to say it.
I was thinking it.

Instead, we both just laughed.


Jillene said...

I have SOOOOO been there and done that!!

kel said...

That's karma, baby!!

Kacey R. said...

That is pretty good I hope your toes recover well!

Cheryl said...

I hate karma hahaha
Hope your toes stop throbbing soon.

Me said...

I have so been in similar situations!

Lana said...

Lucky you! My boyfriend would have laughed at me and rubbed in the reason why *I* wouldn't have gotten sympathy!

Hope you toes get better!!