Monday, February 9, 2009

Wild Weekend!

It was a gorgeous weekend. The weathers was warm and so very springlike.
Believe me, we soaked up every ounce of sunlight.
Adam changed the oil in our cars and Caleb had a ball helping him!
Oil is too messy for Georgia Kate so she played at Mamaw's house...
Sunday, we went to look at some property with Mom and Dad.
Again, the weather was gorgeous!
(and so was the property!)
Caleb was having too much fun running around and did not want to have his picture made!
Georgia Kate was just grumpy :)
Me goofing off with the camera
14 acres gives the kids tons of room to run!


Anonymous said...

You left out the most important thing that happened this weekend!
Caleb discovered the joy of peeing outside.
We had a GREAT time this weekend.
Love you,

Debbie said...

It was a great weekend, wasn't it? I love those shades!

kel said...

Those are such great shots!!!!

Sass said...

You ARE Southern to the core...his picture made? LOVE IT. ;) had to tease ya...

The picture in the sunglasses, sitting on the little ride on toy is. too. stinking. adorable!!!!!

And the one of the man (I'm assuming grandpa?) walking with his back to the need to make that completely black and white, blow it up, stretch it on a canvas, and cherish it literally forever. It's amazing.

Ashlee said...

Mom- He was so excited and begged to pee in the back yard... I think we have started a trend :)

Debbie- It was gorgeous! And, really, how could you not love the shades?

Kel- Thank you.

Sass- What is truly funny is that I never realized that was a "southern" thing! I guess it really should be "taken"...