Thursday, February 26, 2009

Til The End

Adam and I took the kids to the gym pool last night.
Caleb is becoming quite the little fish.
Georgia Kate rode in her float until she was nearly asleep.

Adam and I take turns watching the kiddos while the other swims a couples of laps.
During my last lap, my legs were on fire.
My arms were no better.
Then, I looked over.
There, sitting on the stairs, was Caleb.
He was splashing and jumping around.
His huge smile made his left dimple sink in.
He was screaming, as loud as he could, "Go Mommy! Go!"

Suddenly, my legs and arms were fine.
I pushed through and finished the lap.
As my fingers hit the wall, he lept off the stairs.
"Yay, Mommy!"

Funny how such little people make such a big impact :)


kel said...

awww.. what a little cheerleader!

Jillene said...

That is SOOOOO true!! How cute!!

Cammie said...

so sweet.....