Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm spoiled....

Adam is probably falling over himself to read this post.
Sorry honey, it isn't what you think...
I told him I was in a funk.
Nothing is wrong with me, I am just not myself.
Last week, it was beautiful.
We got outside. We ran. We played.
We got to go down the slide a kazillion times.
We were spoiled with an early spring.
Then, mother nature took it all away.
This week, has been less than thrilling.
The warm weather has retreated and left us with nasty, dark, rain filled days.
I am not the only on suffering from cabin fever.
The kids have been crazy.
Giving them a week to run about wild and free and taking them away, I'm sure is pure torture.
I bet they feeled like a caged animal and I really can't blame them.
It's hard to get out and do fun things, because of the stages they are in.
Caleb would love to go do some things, but Georgia Kate just isn't big enough yet.
The things that Georgia Kate can do are too young for Caleb.
And, there is only one of me, so sending them to do different things is out of the question.
Does anyone have any suggestions?


Martie said...

Agh, Ashlee, I hear ya! We have terrible cabin fever too. And we have several months left of winter! This week I have had the hardest time trying to find fun and interesting activities to do with my children.

Have you ever seen this blog? She always has fun and unique ideas. Check it out!

Mom to 9

Sass said...

It's so hard.

I called the local newspaper office once, and got a big roll of "end roll." Then I gave each of my little ones the appropriate weapons of mass destruction and let them create art till their hearts were content.

But this time of year just stinks, it really does.

*hugs* ;)

kel said...

I don't have any suggestions.. but I am having the same issues! I have spring fever, bad.

Cammie said...

Us too! Im SO over winter!

Jenni Jiggety said...

Let's move to Florida! I am sick of winter, too!