Monday, August 4, 2008

This Blog Brought To You By The Letter "J"

I have a dilemma.

Anderson County Visions Magazine is holding an amateur photo contest. As soon as I saw the entry form I cut it out. It has been hanging on our refrigerator for three months now. It has been haunting me.

I have the options of entering a picture into three catagories. They are:
  • It starts with the letter "J"- Take a picture of anything that starts with the letter "J"
  • My Visions Magazine- Take a picture of your copy of Visions Magazine, current or past issue. The only rule here is, well you guessed it, Visions magazine has to appear in the picture somewhere. Have fun with this one.
  • One Man's Junk is another Man's Treasure- We are looking for a shot of those items that are long over due for either the junk pile or the yard sale, but you just can't bare to let them go.

I really have no interest in the Visions Magazine one. That just isn't my thing. One Man's Junk will be pretty easy to pick up this weekend at the 127 sale. But the "J" one has been pulling me in for weeks. It is the reason I cut out the form.

I spent three months putting it off. Then, time ran out. I was getting ready to take the form down the day August's magazine came. They extended the deadline. Something is telling me to enter. The worst thing they could do is tell me they didn't choose mine.

You wouldn't think it would be so extraordinarily hard to find something that starts with a "J". All I can think of is Jars. I do not want to submit a picture of jars. How many pictures of jars have you seen in your lifetime??? I have seen more than I care to count.

So, if anyone has any "J" ideas, please let me know! I have been meaning to mention that you can posts messages without having a Blogger account. Please, do leave messages!

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