Friday, August 22, 2008

Fashion Flub Friday and Lots of Catch-Up

It has really been quite the week. We went to visit Mom last weekend and I told Adam that I wanted some apples out of Mom and Dad's apple tree. I had only wanted a few but I ended up with an entire car full of them! Let's just say I learned a lot about peeling, cooking, canning and all things apple!

After three days of washing, peeling, cooking and storing apples I was exhausted. I was also incredibly proud of myself. I canned 26 quarts and 24 half pints of apple and pumpkin goodies.

I also made this delicious apple, strawberry, peach pie. At least I think it was delicious. I don't eat peaches so I can only guess that it tasted as good as it looks!

For those of you who I will get to spend Thanksgiving with, I have mastered the art of the homemade pumpkin pie! Fresh pumpkin in a homemade pie crust... I just doesn't get any yummier!

Now, Fashion Flub Friday!!!

Caleb is sporting the latest in Chicken Salad beards...

While Georgia Kate prefers the potato cake look...

Caleb in newly washed socks and Daddy's shoes... again!

And Caleb put traffic cones on mom's toes. We decided orange wasn't really her color :)

And why spend a fortune on those Back To School Back Packs and lunch boxes? You can get the best of both worlds with a Pyrex Casserole carrier! It is certain to keep warm lunches warm and cold lunches cold :)

Also works great for extra storage on an ATV!

Tonight, we went outside to shuck the corn for dinner. Caleb got to hold a worm!
I, of course, named him Herman. Then, we had lots of fun with the water hose!

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