Friday, August 15, 2008

Fashion Flub Friday!

I have been incredibly busy this week so there wasn't a lot of time to catch all of Caleb's incredible wardrobe. Wednesday, however, he insisted on wearing last years Halloween costume everywhere. It may have been pushing 100 degrees but there is no talking a two year old out of being a skunk.
My Little Stinker

Georgia Kate is officially crawling now. She loves to hide under toys or sneak off to Caleb's room. I caught her under her exersaucer. Her smile just melts my heart. When I put those on here, it reminded me of this one. Caleb had crawled under his walker and when he tried to crawl out it would roll with him. He used to crawl everywhere surronded by this thing. My kids are nuts!
When I put Georgia Kate to bed tonight, Caleb was really quiet. When I went looking for him, I found him tucking in Benny in our bedroom. As he walked out he Shhhushed me and then closed the door. He is such a good big brother :)
Mom had her surgery today. I am very happy to say she did wonderfully. They put her in a temporary splint so the swelling can go down. She will go back sometime in the next couple of weeks and get a hard cast.

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