Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The World's Longest Yard Sale!

This year, I asked Angie to go with me!
She used to work with Adam and has taken over his old position.
We had such a great time laughing and goofing off that I didn't take a bunch of pictures...
It was a kid sized weinermoble!
I had been buying things all morning and Angie hadn't gotten anything!
So, when she found these shelves for Gracie's room, I had to get a picture!
(She also bought a dresser but I forgot to get a picture of it)
Who doesn't need a pink and purple zebra?
I would knock myself out if I had to work in the Giant Lemon Lemonade stand.
Ahhhh.... Gotta Love Tupperware!
Seriously, the prices on some of this was crazy!
Angie and her husband James just finished a bathroom makeover.
So, Angie picked up the perfect artwork to complete the rennovation!
As Angie headed home, I set out for Birmingham to meet up with Adam.
The GPS took me down 127 so I wound up with a lot of yard sale traffic.
I got behind this van with the fabulous, "HONKE YOUR HORN ONCE IF YOU LIKE YARD SALES"
bumper sticker.
He was happy to see me...
Or... at least I thought he was....
The drive back looked like this...
until you hit Tennessee and it looks like this!
On to the loot!
I got two sets of matching pillowcases so I can make Georgia Kate and Gracie matching dresses :)
Some vintage material that had been hand sewn into a sheet...
some more floral fabric... this is almost sateen like.
This fun print!
All of this vintage lace was in a gallon sized bag and was $5.00. I was beyond excited!
I also picked up this cool tool for $1.
It helps you keep your hems straight!
All in all it was a wonderful trip and we only made it about twelve miles down 127... Since I had to drive further on to get to Adam I found some more stops I will definately have to hit next year!


Bryant Davis said...

awww you didn't buy the weinermobile

Me said...

What a great event! I'm quite envious...I wish we had something like that in my neck of the woods!