Monday, August 31, 2009

Randomness is good for the heart...

My mom has been in need of a good laugh and usually I am pretty good about providing them.
I can find myself in some of the strangest situations so, I thought I would share them here.
Saturday, I was really wanting Kielbasa.
Adam was not.
I searched until I found a recipe that maintained the flavor but that Adam would also enjoy and set out to make it.
Everything was going great until I realized my recipe called for two cans of tomatoes and I only had one.
I grabbed the closest thing I had... A jar of spaghetti sauce.
A jar that I thought I had only recently opened.
I thought wrong.
As I twisted the cap off the jar, it exploded.
The lid blasted me in the chest.
 Tomato sauce covered my face.
It was in my eyes.
It was in my hair.
It. was. everywhere.
Turns out I had missed a bottle last time I cleaned out the fridge and had two jars of spaghetti sauce...
one good...
one... not so much...
Then, this morning, I promised to take my aunt and cousin to the airport for an early flight.
It was still dark when I rang the doorbell.
As the door opened, a lizzard that had camped out behind it ran across my foot and into the house.
I jumped and screamed as it scampered down her hallway.
My aunt chased it, kicking it back toward the door.
She is in her seventies.
We were screaming and laughing and doing our best to get it out of the house without hurting it...
 or ourselves.
After five minutes it scampered back out the door it came in.
Missing a tail and probably scared out of it's mind, it took off into the darkness.
The rest of the morning, we only had to look at eachother and giggle about the lizzard in the foyer.


The Head Eagle said...

How does tomato sauce suit the hair? Does it do hair good? Or not so much?

Ashlee said...

It never hurts to try out a new kind of hair flair :)

The Blonde Duck said...

Popped in to say hi!

Debbie said...

I bet that tomato sauce was hard to clean up! What a mess.