Monday, August 24, 2009

Children's Museum

When Adam started his new job he had to spend a couple of weeks away from home while he was training.
The first week was really difficult for both myself and the kids.
So, I decided we would have a fun day on the day he came home.
We met up in Chattanooga for brunch at Cracker Barell
Then, it was off to the Museum...
Caleb loved popping them!
I'm not sure who is more curious....
Stealing kisses
The floating ball...
We built an arch and it was all I could do to keep Caleb from knocking it down before we got a picture!
They build a cup tower every day...
She said this was the biggest one she had ever built and it was at least 8 feet tall
Pulleys, levers and water... he was fascinated!
"All aboard! Chugga ChooChoo!"
We were playing house when Caleb grabbed the grill a hot dog and a cup.
He sat there and sipped while his hot dog cooked...
It was hilarious!
The sand pit where you dig up dinosaur bones!
We had such a wonderful time and spent four hours there and honestly, it flew by!
I would really recommend this to anyone with kiddos!


Jillene said...

How fun!! And I wish I could eat at Cracker Barrel. Last time we ate there my son threw-up all over the ENTIRE table. He can't even look at the place without gagging anymore. )0:

Ashlee said...

Poor kid... Cracker Barell is one of my absolute favorites!

pam said...

I love those white rocking chairs!

Looks like a really great museum to go to.

Kacey R. said...

We LOVE Chattanooga! Brian met his Dad in Chattanooga one day with all of the kids and took them to the museum to give me a little breather (after a pretty stressful week). But I can't wait to go with them the next time - it looks like!

The Head Eagle said...

What a great outing! Those pictures are PRICELESS. I especially love the first few where he looks hesitant!