Monday, August 3, 2009

A Total Surprise!

Friday afternoon, Adam got his new truck!
He had no idea it was coming in and, let me tell you, he could not have been more excited.
It is a 2009 GMC Sierra. Extended cab.
When he got it, it had just under 400 miles on it and they had driven it to him from Nashville.
It was brand spankin' new. 
So, his weekend started off with a fabulous surprise and ended with a fabulous surprise...
A surprise party, that is.
Since Sunday (7/26) was his birthday and he was getting ready to start his new job, I felt a celebration was in order.
The pineapple fruit tree was a huge hit!
It looks more wonkey here than it actually was...
It was nearly impossible to get him out of the house and keep him out of the house the day before we left for vacation, but somehow, Dad pulled it off.
And, he had no idea what was going on...
Thanks to everyone who came!
It was great!
We will definately do it again sometime!
****Vacation pictures have been edited and will be posted over the next several days. Be aware that the next few posts will be extremely picture heavy!****

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