Monday, August 3, 2009

On the Boat

**** I aplogize for the lack of paragraphs. It doesn't matter how many times I try to seperate them, Blogger is refusing... Ugh****
This year's vacation was hectic to say the least.
Mom had surgery a week before, I was trying to plan for vacation, keep the house clean in case there happened to be a showing, and plan for Adam's surprise party.
Traveling with eight people is crazy enough on it's own.
Make two of those people children and you have to be uber-organized to pull it off.
I volunteered to get all the paperwork together and lucky for me, every thing went smoothly.
Can you tell I was relieved to actually be on the boat?
Even though this was nowhere near my first cruise, I still made some mistakes I will know to correct for the next time.
For those of you wondering, I did manage to pack all four of us into three carry on suitcases!
And, I still had room to spare :)
Unfortunately I checked those bags when we got on the ship so the kids didn't have swimsuits until they were delivered later that evening.
So, we played in the splash pad in our clothes :)
The kids were so excited that our room had a bunk bed! They loved to sit up there while we got ready!
Safety training is to be taken seriously...
These little guys are a huge part of the reason I cruise!
I love them!
And they make a new one every night!
This is Caleb's very first girlfriend, Clara.
We were eating lunch when she popped her head over the divider and it was love at first sight.
Caleb refused to eat anymore and could only be convinced to stop starring when bribed with chocolate milk.
Lucky for him, she was also quite enamored.
They played cats and dogs for the better part of an hour and were distraught when nap time rolled around and we had to go our seperate ways.
We didn't see Clara again until we were getting off the ship and ended up on the same elevator.
They held hands.
It was the sweetest!
This is my cousin Jarad.
It was his first cruise and I do believe he had a pretty good time!
Bryant, my brother, spent most of his time chasing girls with Jarad.
Caleb's skills in the lady department put them both to shame :)

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Jillene said...

YAY for Cruises!! Looks like you all had a great time!!