Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Downtown Disney

I know I have been absent in blog land a lot lately, but when I checked it today, I realised blogger had decided not to publish these.
So, even though they are a little late and most of you have seen them on my facebook page I'll post them here!
I swear he wanted his picture taken...
I love the hot air balloon!
The kids loved the fountain!
It was in the shape of mickey's head!
To infinity and beyond!
"I gotcha nose!"
 Caleb's Mr. Potato Head.
I am pretty sure Adam had more fun in this store!
The finished product
Mom and her ears!
The boys and Cars hats
I put this one on Georgia Kate and she cried....
and begged for the one just like the boys!
Stitch is eating your head!
Pluto and Goofy
Lego Imaginarium is neat.
If you ever get the chance, definately go to Legoland!
Can you believe this is made out of legos?
These were on the outside of the building and most of the little people move!
She can not stand to have a picture taken where her brother is touching her!
This hat fits perfectly!
Poor Caleb was exhausted.
He kicked Georgia Kate out of the stroller and fell asleep!
"My Puppy!"
They love their papaw and their papaw loves them!
He begged to ride the train so on they went.
One lap later, he was asleep!
My tweedle dee and tweedle dum!
My friends Tigger and Pooh!
We finally found a Buzz Lightyear with Tim Allen's voice!
The one's with different voices scare Caleb!
A Plethora of Buzz
Seriously the best banana split EVER!

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Jillene said...

I.LOVE.DISNEYLAND!! Seeing your pictures makes me want to go SOOOOOO bad. I just have to wait until October 2010....but waiting is the hardest part!!

It looks like you all had a great time!! I love all of your pictures!!