Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm Awake!

Georgia Kate woke up sometime around 3:30 this morning.
Blurry eyed, I carried her to the couch and tried to coax her back to sleep.
She wasn't having it.

Before I knew it, she was squealing for crackers.
I set her in the highchair and pour the Cheerios out for her.
She ate all of those before we moved onto Graham Crackers.

While she ate, I sat there struggling to hold my eyes open.
It didn't work.

When Adam came through the living room to leave for work, there we were.
Me, asleep on the couch.
Georgia Kate, still in the highchair, Graham Cracker in hand, asleep.

Finding breakfast, he woke up Georgia Kate.
He got her out of the chair and held her so I could grab a few more minutes of sleep.
As he went to sit down, he stepped on one of Georgia Kate's favorite books.
The small book has a squeaky toy in the middle and it is not a quiet SQUEAK.
To the sleeping person, it seems to echo through the house.
So much for a few more minutes of sleep!

1 comment:

Jillene said...

Oh how I HATE those mornings!! Hopefully you can catch a nap this afternoon!!