Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Gracie!

Georgia Kate's friend Gracie turned just turned one!
We were lucky enough to be invited to her party!

When I got Georgia Kate dressed, I realized she has hit a growth spurt and her party outfit was too small.
So, I made her a new one.
Seriously simple!
It is a onesie she got for her birthday but didn't get to wear before she outgrew it.
I cut the onesie in half and made the skirt out of some remnant cupcake fabric I bought forever ago!
The bottom half of the onesie got turned into bloomers!

Now, onto the festivities!
(otherwise known as the good stuff!)
Waking up from her nap... It was just too much excitement!
Me and the birthday girl!
The view off of their back porch!
We blew bubbles
and took walks
we played with other people's babies
(ones that eventually puked all over us out of sheer excitement)
and on more than one occasion we fussed at Caleb for throwing rocks into their fountain.
We ate cake
and laughed when she decided it was too squishy!
She opened presents.
I made her a twirl skirt in neopolitan colors with a "G" applique shirt and matching headbands!
If nothing else, her mommy loved it!
Angie, I will email you the pictures after I edit them!

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