Monday, April 27, 2009

The High Price of Fashion...

My Dad took Thursday and Friday off of work.
The original plan was to go fishing, but he wasn't feeling up to it on Thursday so he opted to keep the kiddos while I went out for a while.
Wanting a big thrill with a cheap price tag, I hit every thrift store between his house and mine!
And I got some awesome things!

A Guess Dress (requires no alterations!)- $5
A Gap dress
(looks funky but just needs to be ironed and no alterations required!)- $10
A skirt spotted from across the room, destined for me!
Shoes that made Adam look at me like I had lost my mind- $3
They have giraffes on them!
And I have already worn them!
Silk flowers from the dollar store, which I turned into beautiful hair bows using  A Feathered Nest's tutorial!
A Pottery Barn Sheet that will become a skirt for Georgia Kate- $2
Flat sheet and Pillowcase that will be something for me- $2

Saturday, I got to go to our local Flea Market with my Mother-In-Law.
We had such a great time!
And we both got some awesome deals!
I am not sure what this was, but it is quite large!
Hand embroidered!
It will either be a skirt or get framed.
Table cloth that is now a skirt for me $1
Sheets- $1
Pillowcases- 50 cents!

It just keeps getting better!
My grandmother called last week and said she was cleaning out her shed and found some fabric. She wanted to know if I would be interested in it. I told her to send it my way! So, when Mom and Dad took the kiddos for a visit, the picked it up for me.
I sorted through it last night and now my living room looks like this...
The piles are big enough for Caleb to ride his four wheeler over
And more patterns than I know what to do with!
There is more but this was all they could fit in the Suburban!
All ***FREE***!

Cost of having a wife in a fantastic mood all weekend.... PRICELESS!

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