Monday, April 13, 2009


For a weekend where we had very little planned, we certainly stayed very busy!
Saturday, we went up going to the fundraiser for Johnathon.
We got there just in time to see who had won the raffle prizes.
Mom managed to win a little boys Easter basket, a basket of children's books and a bird house shaped like a tractor.

As soon as the tractor made it's way to Mom, Caleb took possesion of it and has yet to return it.
He loves to pretend to tractor tip like Mater.
Silly boy.

Sunday, Adam went on a new kind of Easter Egg hunt.
He wanted to have a huge hunt for the kids, his nieces and nephew.
He calleb me from Wal-mart, thrilled with his finds.
250 eggs and a one pound chocolate bunny for the grand prize.
We only had enough candy for 147 of them.
This is what they look like put up for next year's festivities!
He sat his grand prize on the stove and walked away.
I thought nothing of it when I turned the oven on to bake my pumpkin bread.
Luckily, Adam caught our mistake and rescued the poor bunny.
He spent the rest of the afternoon in the freezer.
We went to my grandparents for lunch.
We ate much later than expected so we ate way to much to compensate for the starving feeling :)
Caleb did an egg hunt but I didn't get a single picture.
I didn't even get one of them all dressed up...
For dinner, we went to Adam's parents.
The egg hunt went splendidly.
Caleb did really well for this being the first year he understood what was going on.
Georgia Kate did't really well too!
She didn't like to put the eggs in her basket.
She liked to throw them.
And she really like to throw them until they busted open and then sit and eat the candy.


Anonymous said...

"Haha. Tractors are so stupid!!" quote from Mater, movie:Cars
Thanks for coming to Mom's it was a long time before we ate, can not stop watching video of Caleb hunting eggs at mom's. Made my Easter!!
Love you

pam said...

Looks like a perfect Easter!