Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Goodwill and Guitars!

Lately, I have been thrift shopping obsessed.
I get so excited when I find a hideous mans shirt can be transformed into the sweetest little girl's dress!
I love finding vintage pillowcases that have so many possibilities!
And I am ecstatic that it is CHEAP!

Monday, I stranded my younger brother in the car with my sleeping children while I ran into the local Goodwill.
Because it is in one of the nicer towns the discarded goodies are usually high end and in fantastic condition.

As soon as I walked in the door, I saw a pair of pants.
The bright blues, pinks and yellows made them impossible to put back.
The picture does them absolutely no justice.
They will become a dress for Georgia Kate and the scraps will be used in her room which will be redone sometime soon.

I also found a couple of skirts for myself, but I threw them in the laundry before I snapped a picture.

Then, as I took a last minute look around the children's section, I saw it.
It hung all alone.
A woman with a new little girl spotted it about the same time I did.
Luckily, I was closer.
I ran to the check out and never looked back.
After all how could I pass up perfect condition vintage?

Since I have sewn Georgia Kate an entire wardrobe, I was feeling guilty for making very little for Caleb.
It's just so hard to make something that isn't too frilly for him.
He is just such a boy!
A couple of weekends ago I signed up for an applique class.
The insructor had several applique patterns to choose from but I had it narrowed down to a dump truck and a guitar.
Convinced I could do the guitar myself, I chose the dump truck.
We will find out how well that turns out in May.
Friday night, I sat down and gave the guitar a shot.
It isn't perfect, but that is what makes it handmade.
And to top it off, Caleb loves it!
I washed it yesterday, but it can't be put in the dryer.
He put it on, soaking wet, and refused to take it off.
He was shivering so I had to bribe him with Easter candy to get him to change.
That makes it totally worth staying up until midnight working out the kinks!


Me said...

love that dress!

You are very talented!

Dustin, Caroline and Taylor said...

Where are you taking an applique class? That is my new love :) I have run into the same problem with Taylor...he has tons of shirts with a big "T" on it!