Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cars and Tractors...

Yesterday was good.
It started out simple enough.
We loaded up and headed to the Duck Duck Goose consignment sale.
I found the bedding I wanted for Caleb for a serious discount the day before, but decided not to pick it up.
When I told Adam about it, he looked at me like I was crazy for not buying it.
He made sure we were in line super early so I could grab it before someone else did.

Revesible comforter, fitted and flat sheets, two pillowcases, curtains, two sleeping bags, two throw pillows and a lamp for $75!
 Tomorrow is half price day, but they are really running out of the good stuff.
Most of it is hanging in the kids closets :)

I also drug Adam to a local craft fair.
I didn't buy a thing, but I came home with a ton of new things to make!

Then, it was off to Mom and Dad's.
Adam helped Dad work on the tractor.
Just a few minutes short of finishing, Adam's wrench slipped and he cut his finger.
Since it was right across the knucle, we headed to the emergency room.
He ended up with two stiches and some funky bandages.
He is resting comfortably.
He guilted his Mom into bringing over dinner.
It works out great because I have tons of sewing to do and the kids are with the grandparents, so I have time to do it!
I better get back to it!

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