Monday, June 29, 2009


Some of my readers will remeber that in January, Adam did a preliminary interview for his dream job.
He went back for a follow up a couple of weeks ago.
On Wednesday, he was officially offered the job!
We honestly cannot be more thrilled!
It will be a lot of traveling for a while and that will be hard on myself and the kids.
However, it is a chance to put us in a very secure place and it is a job Adam will love!
The difference in Adam was immediate.
He has smiled and laughed and relaxed all weekend.
(Something he hasn't done in quite some time!)
He was just happy!
He will start work in August.
Last night, we went to his very first company event.
A retirement party for a man I have known for years.
It was quite lovely!
But it turned out to be a bit more business than anything.
So, Mom and I snuck away for a few minutes.
I am not sure how I managed to go all night without getting a picture of myself with Adam.
But, Congratulations baby!
I love you!


Me said...

Congrats to Adam on the new job!

Jillene said...

AWESOME!! Congrats to Adam!! WHOO HOO!!