Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lots of Fun

I am so brilliant...
I forgot my camera this weekend.
Fortunately, Mom let me borrow hers.
I have tons of pictures and several cute stories, but Mom formatted her SD card so that it is only readable by her camera and a certain card reader.
A card reader I do not have.
So, I will post a Memorial Day recap as soon as I figure out a way to get around her security :)

In other news, this weeked is MOO-FEST!
I can't even describe to you how much I love Mayfield ice cream.
When we lived in Arizonia I desperately missed it.
It just wasn't the same wondering into the ice cream aisle and not seeing the huge yellow cartons.
We didn't go to Moo-Fest last year but you can't keep me away this year!

Anyone interested in joining us?


Jillene said... cream. I LOVE me some ice cream. I wish I lived by you because I would SO go to Moofest with you!!

Cammie said...

I forgot my good camera last weekend too and had to use my crappy one. I was SO mad!!!

Debbie said...

They do have great ice cream!

Anja said...

Hello from Slovenia,

you are the winner of my giveaway! Congrats.
Please, send me your address.