Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hairbow Holder!

Since there are so many cute hairbow tutorials floating around, I have run out of room to store them.
And, I really hate digging through the basket we currently use trying to find a matching set for pigtails!
So, I made a hairbow holder.
And I got lucky!
I found this picture frame/memo board at Goodwill.
It had been $9.
But, I bought it on half price weekend, so it was $4.50!
Original price still on the back...
I ripped the horrible cheetah ribbon and equally as bad fabric and added some that I picked up at a super warehouse sale!
Home Decor for $6.78 a yard.
I bought a full yard, but I have plenty left over!
I will paint the frame when I make it to the store for some spray paint!
Since Georgia Kate is sleeping, I couldn't grab bows out of her room.
Instead, I used the ones I made from


Jillene said...

VERY cute and creative!!

kel said...

how stinking cute is that???

Kacey R. said...

So cute! Fabulous job!