Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Creation

It had been a couple of weeks since the kids got a break from Mom and Dad.
So, Saturday, I packed them up and shipped them off to Nannah and Papaws.
The afternoon was quite.
Adam got a nap.
I began work on a dress.
I could see it in my head.
But, I had nothing to go by.
No pattern.
No little girl to measure for an exact fit.
I really should write her measurements down.
She just grows so stinkin' fast!
Anyway, I knew what I wanted to make, I just wasn't sure how to make it.
I took some fabric bought on a last minute whim.
From Goodwill.
And I cut.
A few undecisive hours later, I was thrilled.
Adam picked out the embroidery color.
I told him if he picked a color, I would use it.
I have to admit, when he handed me the spool, I wasn't sure.
 I was really tempted to put it back and choose something else.
I am so glad I didn't!
I love the way it turned out!
Can you believe this was made from a 99 cent pillowcase?


Cammie said...

I am SO jealous! I wish I had sewing talent...I want a dress like that for M so bad but they are all so darn expensive!

Jillene said...

You are REALLY talented!! The dress is gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

I love it. When you said pillowcase dress I had something totally different in mind!! Too precious!!
Love you

Kacey R. said...

I NEED this dress Ashlee! You are so talented. I need serious lessons on my sewing machine. LOL

Ashlee said...

Beautiful!!! You are so talented!