Friday, March 6, 2009

I Wanna Be a Cowboy, Baby!

We played cowboys yesterday, after we finished cleaning up Caleb's room.
The kids had a blast!
I have had these cowboy hats since Caleb was about 6 months old and they really hadn't ever played with them before. Now, I can't talk them into taking them off!
Notice Caleb's still has the tag :)
He loved to pull the reins like he was walking the horse!
He also loved wearing Georgia Kate's hat.
Thus, the lace around the brim...


Sass said...

Those pictures are adorable!!!

Long live cowboys. ;)

Me said...

too cute! I love how kids can ignore something completely, then suddenly become so infatuated that you can get them to set it down.

Debbie said...

How cute! I love it when they fixated on something like that:)

pam said...

Cute cowboys!