Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Brotherly Love

A few nights ago, we had a box.
Anyone that has children knows how intriguing a simple box can be.
It calls out to all children, "play with me, play with ME."

Caleb couldn't resist the urge.

He hid under the box and scared Daddy as he came home from work.
He sat on the box and jumped from it's sturdy structure.
He was fascinated.

Then, he made one wrong move.
The seemingly harmless box leapt from it's position and caught Caleb sqaure on the mouth.
With a busted lip, he crawled into my lap, angry at the box.
A quick look and a popsicle later, all was forgiven.

The next day, he again played with his new favorite toy.
He was even trying to pull Georgia Kate into the wonder that is the box.
I peeked in to enjoy the sweet moment taking place between my children.

"Kate, stand right here. Don't move."
She stood still as Caleb slid the box to her side.
He set it up in the same position that caused the bleeding lip the night before.
"You get a popsicle!"

I swept Georgia Kate away just Caleb made the box jump, barely avoiding a bloody mouthed little girl.
After a long talk, I proved that Popsicles can be eaten without injuries.


Jillene said...

Boxes are great toys/entertainment......until someone gets hurt!!

Debbie said...

Boxes are always so much fun! I've always told my kids that active kids sometimes get hurt.

Kacey R. said...

AWWW. Popsicles magically cure everything I think! :D

Liz said...

Hooray for boxes - even when they bite.