Friday, March 27, 2009

Away On Business

Dad had to go to the Carolinas for business last weekend.
Since it was spring break, the rest of my family decided to go with them.
I talked Adam into taking a half day Friday and we went too!

A great time was had by all (if you leave out the Crab Allergy!Thanks Mom and Adam!)

Caleb did a lot of this.
This was before we left.
I promise we put him in the back, in a carseat!
I am pretty sure I listened to Cars way more than any mother should have to!
Georgia Kate ate her way to and from.
We didn't do a whole lot in the Carolinas, but we stopped off on the way home and played in Pigeon Forge.
Get your mind out of the gutter!
It's an all wood go-kart track!
And Caleb loved it!
Adam made a couple of loops and each time Caleb sank lower into the seat until we couldn't see him anymore!
"I wanna drive!"
I'm pretty sure she likes him more than she likes me :(
Quick, lets run away from Mommy!
Just because we are cute!
Note to self! Do not cram all four of you into one train car!
Just for you, Mom!


Lana said...

Awe. You guys are such a cute family. I Love how Caleb is slinking down in the seat. That's how I look after a lot of driving too... I also eat my way to and from destinations... I probably shouldn't anymore...

Sass said...

A well-deserved and much-needed fun trip!

Good for you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks honey, I love it when you think of me in your blogs!! I guess I deserve that after the crab meat laden ravoli.
Love you,

kel said...

Looks so fun... and warm! I'm jealous!