Sunday, July 13, 2008

Yard Sale Sucess!

Have you ever watched those home improvement shows where they come clean up your house and have a huge yard sale at the end??

They usually end up making a ton of money and then the show doubles what you make so they can redesign a room... Well we did this over the weekend, minus the network double money and room makeover part.

I made a deal with Mom and Dad a couple of weeks ago. Since they are trying to get organized, they wanted to get rid of some things.

They didn't really have the time to go through everything, so I offered to help. We ended up with a huge pile of things that needed to go so we decided to have a garage sale. Since I had done most of the work, they told me I could keep the profits off of anything I sold.

I spent most of the week gathering, sorting and planning. I honestly thought I wasn't going to make it.

We started the sale on Friday. Dad stayed home from work and Bryant watched the kids while we talked to the people. We ended up making $380 just on Friday! I absolutely could not believe it! We never got the chance to sit down. People were everywhere!

We were not quite as lucky on Saturday, but it still wasn't horrible. We sold most of our major pieces on Friday, so we didn't get the big bucks. We did however manage to make another $200.

I never would have imagined we could do so well! I was positive we would barely make it out of the hole since it cost us $35 to list it in the paper. Now if I could only do that every weekend :)

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