Saturday, September 12, 2009

What a Wedding...

Last weekend, I had the honor of being a bridesmaid in my best friend's wedding.
Due to time constraints (and an anxious Groom) she only had a short time to plan.
Somehow, she pulled it off and had one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen!
Heading out to the Rehearsal Dinner...
The morning of the wedding, we all headed out and got our nails done.
By the time we got to the wedding site, we were all half asleep!
The beautiful bride doing her best to stay awake!
Amber's beautiful sister-in-law, Sarah
Amber and Me being goofy
Jamie is Amber's cousin. She is fabulous and came to fix one of the bridesmaids hair and ended up doing ALL of our hair! Thanks Jamie!
Amber's Aunt and cousin, Hali
Amber getting her makeup done.
Amber's Mom getting her hair done...
On a side note, can you tell it was a game day?
Amber had a hard time making a shoe decision for her bridesmaids, so she handed the task off to her (now) mother-in-law. By the time they get them picked out and dyed, it was time for the wedding.
We tried them on for the first time for the rehersal dinner.
For the most part, we underestimated our sizes.
And the dye had not completely dried.
We had shoe tatoos by the end of the night :)
All of the bridesmaids (left to right): Sarah, the new sister-in-law; Hali, cousin; Bonnie, cousin; Mandi, cousin; and Me, friend. Hali, Bonnie, Mandi and I spent most of our summers growing up together.
After we finished pictures, we headed back upstairs to the bridal suite and played papparazzi while Amber and Brad finished up pictures.
Congratulaions Amber and Brad!

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The Head Eagle said...

You all look so beautiful! Looks like it truly did turn out great!