Thursday, July 2, 2009

Home Again, Home Again

Monday night, Adam had dinner with his new boss and some co-workers to discuss things that need to get done between now and August.
They discussed things like company cars and benefits and office space.
They told him they would rent an office for him for six months.
When the six months was up, we needed to be in a house with an office.
So, we are house hunting.
We had been talking about it for about a year now.
Where would we move? What kind of house do we want?
So, we are going to spend our holiday weekend fixing our house up so we can get it on the market.
When it sells, we can look for our new house!
I have already had two I love yanked out from under me so there will be no looking until we have a contract on this one.
I get giddy when I think about spending Christmas in a new house!


Hit 40 said...

Wonderful news!!! I am glad the economy is turning around in your household. Nice!!!! Congratulations.

Bryant Davis said...

buy the house in our neighborhood

Ashlee said...

Hit 40- Me too!

Bryant- No Way! I did look at it yesterday but it isn't nearly big enough!

Debbie said...

How fun! I was just perusing the real estate section this morning - just for fun.