Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Before and After

Since Adam had a long weekend, we took full advantage of the time fixing up the house.
Hopefully, we can get it finished and on the market by next week!
Friday morning, I pressure washed the house and driveway while Adam fixed up our front flower box.
Saturday, we chose to work indoors.
We started with this...
Caleb's room... bad paint, way too many toys...
became this!
Softer colors and less than half the toys!
to this!
We were going to put away the cars stickers but he had such a hard time with all the changes around here, I gave in.
We also painted the hallway and touched up several places around the house.
We were invited to several places for food and fireworks but we were just too tired to go.
So, we found ourselves at Walmart getting a pizza, ice cream and a couple of redbox movies.
We found this lovely cake and absolutely could not understand why no one would buy it.
I mean come on.. who wouldn't want a mokey cake that looks like dog poop?
We laughed until everyone in the store was convinced we had already been drinking and we hadn't touched a drop.
perhaps it was the enclosed house and paint fumes...
Today, I get to continue decluttering and painting all the trim a nice flat white.
Some fingerprints are easier to paint than to clean :)
Our real estate agent comes Thursday!
Lets hope I can keep it together until then :)


Hit 40 said...

I love to paint!!! Good luck!

Me said...

Love the new paint! Fabulous!

You should totally submit that 'monkey cake' to cake wrecks!

Jillene said...

It looks GREAT!! Good luck with the rest!!